Ag-on-Al Technology to be presented at SNEC 2017 (February 2017)

Dr. Erik Sauar will be publicly disclosing PLANT PV’s Ag-on-Al technology at the SNEC 2017 Conference in Shanghai. SNEC is the largest conference in the world related to photovoltaic power technologies. The presentation will take place on April 18th in the Silicon Wafer Solar Cells I Session.


Romaric has joined PLANT PV (November 2016)

Romaric has joined PLANT PV as an Intern.  Rom recently graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris where he received a degree in physics. Rom will work at PLANT PV for six months before starting his PhD at CNRS.

Kathryn has joined PLANT PV (July 2016)

Kathryn has joined PLANT PV as a Co-Op student and will stay until August 2017.  Kathryn is a student at the University of California, Berkeley where she is majoring in Chemical Engineering and “minoring” in racecar building. As the third installment of the 3.0 team at PLANT PV, she has not only worked on making the world a better place, but also built sturdy and reliable boxes. Her favorite fun fact is that racecar is spelled racecar backwards.


Larry has joined PLANT PV (June 2016)

Larry has joined PLANT PV as a research engineer.  Larry graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley (2016). Larry, the second installment of the 3.0 team, grew up in Indonesia prior to relocating to California in search of higher education and the opportunity. When not working at PLANT PV, Larry pursues his life-long search for the world’s best meal.


Meghna has joined PLANT PV (June 2016)

Meghna has joined PLANT PV as a Co-Op student and will stay until December 2016.  Meghna is the first installment of the 3.0 team, is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley where she researched heavy metal particle contamination in California water sources. Meghna is passionate about renewable energy and resource conservation. When not dedicating herself to the planet, she enjoys ice skating and sharing obscure Harry Potter trivia.


PLANT PV moved to Alameda! (March 2016)

In March, PLANT PV will be moving into a new facility in Alameda in order to expand and bring in industrial processing equipment to complete beta testing of our metallization paste products. PLANT PV spent several years at the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs researching base metal replacements for silver.

Our new address is:
850 Marina Village Parkway
Suite 102
Alameda, CA 94501